Split 7" W/ Archagathus

by Bruised Ego

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1. Bowl Rip
2. Riot Piggy
3. Brother Battle

1. Bowl Rip

Bowel ripper, carving curves
Kicking up, coping dust
Pumping hard

Drop in, whip round tight
I will rip the bowl all night

Riding till my legs are done
Pools and pipes are all thats fun

Bowl Rip

Wheel bite
Get it right
Tighten up
My trucks just right

Body has no feeling left
No fresh concrete left to get
Ripped a fresh hole in my vans
Thrashing pools anyway I can

2. Riot Piggy

Fat fuck piggy dressed in blue
Club and shield in hand comin to beat you
All lined up the shit troops move
Tear gas dispensed, what are we to do?

Skulls smashed in
With espantoons
Beating the innocents
Excessive violence
Riot cop scum

3. Brother Battle


Thank god I'm a drug dealer
stuck in Daytona without a wheeler
fuck Hertz, fuck CHC, Bible belt can lick my ass

But there's a silver lining to this shit
I got mad paper cuz I don't give a fuck
Also got no paper cuz I play shitty rock

Spring break was tight
Someone took a chomp outta that cock
pbagel challenge and fucking gorenoise bros
shotgunning every damn thing at these shows

But I don't give a fuck because we're never gonna die
Thank god i'm a drug dealer, don't even need to try.

Recorded at Developing Nations studios December 2016.
Vinyl due middle of next year.


released December 23, 2016

Drums: Adam
Guitar/Bass/Vocals: Brad
Vocals: Mike
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered: Kevin Bernsten
Art: Lobo Rameriez



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