3 Piece With Slaw (Split W​/​Scab Addict)

by Bruised Ego

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Soon to be released as a C2 with Scab Addict


1. 3 Piece w/ Slaw

Whenever I'm Fucking broke
I'm hungry, no fucking joke
Chicken box, chicken box
oh yeah, oh yeah
I don't want no lake trout
Hip Hop or Rofo will do
Salt pepper ketchup hot sauce
That's all I need, Veg 4 Chumps
Chlorestral Chicken Box Death

2. Framtid Comes Alive

3. I Just Wanted A Ginger Ale

4. xJohnxRedcornx

5. Life is Short, Fishing is Great

Feel that tug, got a bite
I'm pulling this fucker in
We will be eatin good tonite

This bastards gonna break my cheap ass rod

I will defeat you
Your juicy ass is mine
Breaded up, you'll be divine
I as bound to eat you
Life is short, Fishing is Great

6. Tyler's Nu New Song

Hey Tyler what's up?
Wanna shotgun beer?


released January 3, 2017

Recorded at Developing Nations with Kevin
Art by Lobo Rameriez
Layout by Ryan Cook

Guitar/vox: Brad
Vocals: Mike
Drums: Adam



all rights reserved